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Osaka Japan

Japan’s second-largest city by population, Osaka is #1 in the hearts of countless visitors and natives. Some might say its less conventionally beautiful than other major cities, but Osaka is bursting with character not to mention more amazing food than you can shake a chopstick at, hence its long association with the word kuldaore (” to run oneself by extravagance in food”). Once you whet your appetite, you”ll have a hard time not going back to Osaka for seconds ( or thirds, or fourths…).

Fun Fact: Osaka has served as Japan’s capital several times, with its most recent tenure ending in 745 AD.

March – April When should you plan your trip? Why , during cherry blossom season, of coursel Sakurcis usually bloom at the end of March and beginning of April, with entire website devoted to tracking the awe- inspiring phenomenon down to the day. The pale- pink flowers make the city look like a fairy tale come to life, with temperatures in the 50’s and the crisp spring air making layers a welcome necessity.

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