Having a Blast

I took this picture after i finished my hair and make up

Millians Trip To Chicago’s Taste Fest

My trip to Chicago was so amazing. I enjoyed every aspect there. The people are very friendly and nice. I went with my husband, my sister, and her friend. There were a lot of nationalities there Chinese, Indian, Jamaican, Caucasian, African American, and many more. The food at the Chicago Taste Fest was different from the food here in Detroit. You have to buy tickets to get food. i found that very interesting and fun. although i didn’t get a chance to taste food from every stand every stand was unique in its own way.

there were many different nationalities at the Taste Of Chicago Fest
Goose Island Beer Co.
Bus View
buildings downtown Chicago, IL
Millian (left) Sister (right)

I tried the pickle fries,jerk chicken and ice cream. My favorite was the ice cream it was mixed with orange sherbet, chocolate, vanilla and pecan. Although i wasn’t to found of the other food i got in still enjoyed tasting it.

Pickle Fries
Jerk Chicken

I cant believe i ate crickets for the first time and i have to say that it wasnt bad at all they actually taste like sunflower seeds. There were lots of games to play that did not require any tickets like basketball, kick the ball on the target, fishing, and many more. There were concerts and bars music was playing and everyone was having fun.


My bus ride was very long i left out on saturday at 1:30 am i got on the travel bus at 6:30am and we arrived at the chicago taste fest at 10:45am. The bus had tvs and comfortable seating, a friendly bus driver and the bus was clean. I brought snacks and the host also provided snacks ( finger sandwiches, chips, pop, and jello shots),

Millian and Hubby

Chicagos riverwalk is different from detroits river walk. Chicago has a big water fall that everyone plays in and detroit has a slash pad where water shoots out from the ground. i visted a few stores there and their prices for certain items are different from the ones in detroit.

He fell asleep on the bus

By this being my first experience traveling outside of michigan i enjoyed my time, the people i was around and the fair. I would definatly come back again to visit.

Millian and the Big Cookie
Sis big cookie
Millian (left) Hubby (middle) Sis (right)

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