keeping a large family organized

2 Simple Ways To Keep A Large Family Organized

I have 4 kids and a husband, so its 6 of us total that live in our home. I’ll admit that when i walk into a grocery store with my children strangers automatically turn their heads to count how many children i have. I get questions like: I know you’re always tired or are you having anymore?

My husband and I planned on having a large family but one thing we didn’t expect was all of the different personalities and money spending that we would have to do.

People always ask how i do it. The truth is i just do. I’m kind of a big deal to my children, like a superhero, they come to me for everything. I guess part of me just wants to give them what they want to keep them calm .

  1. ORGANIZATION IS KEY I cannot tell you how many hours I’ve wasted due to miscommunication and a sheer lack of time management. There are days when i need to have at least two of my children in two different places at the same time and jugging between the other two changing diapers and cleaning up insane messes. All while i need to get dinner started. There were a lot of nights that interrupted into pure chaos. I’m not proud of some nights my kids eat convince foods. Due to the circumstances, sometimes that still happens, but at least its not planned.

In an attempt to bring some order to our lives, I’ve made a to-do list and glued it on a magnet and stuck it on the front of my fridge. I made this so throughout the day everyone will be on a schedule and i could have at least an hour or quiet calm kids. Everything that is supposed to get done that day has the time that i need to start and a checkbox next to it, to ensure that I’ve completed that specific task. I’ve learned that’s one easy way to stay organized.

EVERYONE NEEDS TO PITCH IN AROUND THE HOUSE Keeping up with the house is everyoes responsibility. A chore chart i a great tool to utilize to teach basic household responsibilities. Chore charts teach responsibility and help encourage kids to set goals. By linking responsibilities to privileges, we can reward responsible behavior and provide consequences when our children do not follow through. Untasted children are like ninjas. Mine are experts at sensing the moment i was about to ask them to do something. By the time i turned around they stealthy exited the room and were no where to be found. By holding each and everyone of them to a task

I hope this information is helpful to you. It sure was for me. Enjoy!

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