Open Letter

Dear Mother, Your love has sheltered me like no other. I never knew how hard being a mother was until i had children of my own. Funny thing is, everyone tells me that my daughter acts just like me when i was younger. I know i got on your nerves a lot but being around you made me feel safe. you were my superhero, there was nothing you couldn’t do or wouldn’t do for me. I still think about you everyday. Even though you are off experiencing another beautiful life in heaven i can still feel your presence near me when i’m feeling alone and feeling like my back is against the wall. 13 was a very young age to lose you but you were very sick and at the time i didn’t understand the severity of your Lung cancer. As i got older i realized that you gave me the best 13 years of my life and there was nothing the doctors could do to help you heal. You always told me that when you left this earth that you will still always be here with me in spirit and if i looked up at the sky and saw the brightest star that it would be you. I often think back to the dishonest things I’ve done as a child and i laugh because my daughter does a lot of the things i use to do and i have to remind myself that you loved me regardless of the things i did and that’s why i appreciate you so much. There are a lot of children without mothers and i am grateful that i got a chance to experience life with mine. You were an amazing human being and everyone who has ever gotten the chance to meet you loved you from the moment they laid eyes on you. A single mother raising 4 kids on her own is not easy but you made it seem like nothing ever bothered you and you kept your composer in every situation. You are the best and I love you!

Love Always,
Your Baby Ton Ton

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