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Part of speech: Noun
Origin: Middle English,14th century
  1. An overabundant or excessive amount of something
  2. Eat or drink to excess
Examples of surfeit in a sentence
" The wedding, with buffet tables piled high
with a surfeit of delicacies, would be talked
about in the family for years."

"He was on a strict diet, only giving into surfeit
on his one cheat day of the month."
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part of speech: Adjective
Origin: Greek, 16th century
  1. Intended o avoid offense or disagreement
  2. Helpful in lessening or relieving pain
Examples of Anodyne in a sentence 

" He feared fueling tensions any further, so he kept
his remarks as anodyne as possible".

" When you're sick, you want the strongest, most anodyne
medicine available."
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Word Of The Day


Part of speech: Adjective

Origin: Uncertain, mid 19th century

1. Totally uncertain or bewildered
2. Utterly unable to understand or comprehend
Examples of Flummoxed in a sentence 
" The complex equations in his physics course
left him completely flummoxed."

" She was flummoxed by all of the big, confusing words inserted into the legal agreement."