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Part of speech: noun
Origin: British English, 1958
  1. A government system in which power and advancement is based upon talent and performance rather than birthright or wealth.
  2. Any organizational structure in which people are judged based on achievement.
Examples of Meritocracy in a sentence
" Democratic elections promote a meritocracy, instead of monarchy
where power is passed down through the family."

" The company has become more of a meritocracy, with regular
performance reviews determining promotions and raises."
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Word of the Day


Part of speech: Noun
Origin: Middle English,14th century
  1. An overabundant or excessive amount of something
  2. Eat or drink to excess
Examples of surfeit in a sentence
" The wedding, with buffet tables piled high
with a surfeit of delicacies, would be talked
about in the family for years."

"He was on a strict diet, only giving into surfeit
on his one cheat day of the month."
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Word of the Day


Part of speech: noun
Origin: Mid- 19th century
  1. A rainbow made of fog droplets; a white rainbow
  2. An arc or circle of white or yellow seen against the fog
Examples of Fogbow in a sentence
" The children were so startled to see a fogbow that they called
it a ghost rainbow."

" Keep your eyes peeled on an overcast morning; you might
be lucky to see a fogbow."
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Part of speech: Adjective

Origin: Uncertain, mid 19th century

1. Totally uncertain or bewildered
2. Utterly unable to understand or comprehend
Examples of Flummoxed in a sentence 
" The complex equations in his physics course
left him completely flummoxed."

" She was flummoxed by all of the big, confusing words inserted into the legal agreement."

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Word Of The Day


 Part of speech: noun
1. A fully fictional but artificially created language
2. An imaginary language that has entered real-world use.
About Conlang
Across popular culture, several complex, filly thought-out conlangs have risen to cult status. "Star Trek" fans might speak klingon, " Game Of Thrones" viewers may understand Dothralci, and readers of the epic "Lord Of The Rings" series are familiar with several Elvish languages.
Did You Know?
Conlang is actually a portmanteau, a word made from combining multiple words , of "constructed language."